Time Warp!

It’s been three years since the past diary post. Yee-gods! So much has happened since the ill-fate of Tuppence. We’ve lost hens and gained some.

We lost Aurora to a predator. We then lost our two Buff Orpingtons. Daisy died by illness, and Golda was killed by a predator. That left us again with Edie and her sister, the meek Henny, the last remaining two of our original flock. Once again, a predator struck, morally wounding the Hen Superior, Edie. Little Henny found herself alone.

That was the saddest day for our birds. Henny was always at the bottom of the pecking order, but, somehow, she managed to outlast them all. But it was apparent that it just wouldn’t do for her to be alone. By some chance, Margaret found a woman who had an Ameraucana hen who was ostracized by her flock to the point of having her eggs cannibalized. We decided to adopt her as a companion for Henny.

IMG_1878 IMG_1880

I can’t quite recall how this white and pale yellow hen was introduced to Henny, but the transition period didn’t take long. By the way, we decided to name her Petunia, after this ridiculous stuffed-animal toy chicken I had as a child. Anyway, it all went with minimal trauma. All that Henny did was jump on Petunia’s back, as a straightforward gesture of domination–and that was it. No issues, no problems after that. In no time, the two bonded as sisters. The best part was that we noticed that Petunia was soon making this strange “trilling” sound. It wasn’t until much later that we learned that this is the sound that a chicken makes when feeling contented. Now how awesome is that!

So now we have only a two-bird flock around the house. But, boy, are they happy! Henny gets to be the new Hen Superior, and Petunia has a life free of abuse (as well as Henny!). They both are even laying eggs again. Not a lot–especially given Henny’s age–but we are getting at least a few each week.

Next post will be of our trip to Italy! I figure this blog is probably the easiest way to post the pictures for everyone to see of our stay in Rome, Assisi, and Florence. So much Art! So many churches! And the trains! And the wine!

Stay in touch!


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