Raccoon Solution Pt. 2 or Chemical Territorial Pissings

I can’t believe I forgot this simple solution (literally!) for keeping raccoons away.  As readers might recall, a whiles back, I had to cope with a raccoon problem.  What I forgot was that I did figure out a possible solution.  Somewhere I did read about someone who mixed together cayenne oil (pepper spray!) and ammonia to create an anti-raccoon boundary spray.  The writer somehow put 2 & 2 together to make a repellant.  Brilliant!  I had already tried that dehydrated cougar urine crystals, but the persistence of the raccoon calling cards made a mockery of that product.  As if those suburban banditos ever encountered a puma before?

Since I was a little concerned about our cats and a bit lazy about DIY pepper spray, I gave the ammonia spray a shot.  I guess that worked, as the incidents of raccoon poo came to a stop.  How quickly one forgets a cure when it works beyond expectation.

Well, a couple of days ago, I stumble across the spray bottle of ammonia.  Still had some juice in there!  So, after putting the birds away for the night, I walked the fence around the backyard and squirted a good dose along the tops, where I’ve seen raccoons running along it like a viaduct in past years.  All possible access points were covered.  Since that day, I have not seen anymore raccoon poop in the backyard.

It’s entirely possible that the raccoon(s) that left the bank deposits in my backyard might have been only passing through, were on their way to somewhere else, and not to return again.  That is entirely possible.  Then again if my backyard is a secret raccoon highway, then the chemical barricade seems to have worked.  If there are raccoons in the neighborhood–of which it would be foolish to assume otherwise–then they no longer appear to be lingering around enough to leave any poop.  From previous observation, when they are wandering through and leaving behind stools, then they usually will leave it all in one place on a recurring basis.  Since that has ceased to happen, I feel fairly confident that the ammonia spray works.  After all, ammonia is a noticeable component to urine.  And this must appear to the raccoons as one epic territorial pissing.  Huzzah!


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