Sign ‘O the Times: Raccoon Poo. And a Heavy Metal Solution?

Sorry no pictures of the raccoon poo.  Like, as if there’s much redeemable about a picture of poo.  Right?  So, anyway, it would seem that raccoons are on the move again and are leaving behind poop in the backyard where our birds are foraging.  This was a major problem a few years ago, when a troop of raccoons made home in an adjacent neighbor’s yard, in a tall tree and in a storage shed.  The problem appeared to end when he addressed the mind-numbing destruction he found in his shed.  Prior to that, there was also a huge pile of dung at the base of a cedar tree next to our shared fence line.  It was all bad.

To keep ahead of the program, I canvas the yard before I let the chickens out and dispose of any poop that I find.  This is very important, as raccoon poop often harbors parasites that are harmful to humans and chickens alike.  Please don’t forget that when confronted with raccoon poop.  Parasitic nematode eggs can be found there and inhaled if feces are dry enough.  It is wise to bag and dispose in the garbage as you would your own dog’s poop. 

Presently, my biggest question is how to put an end to the raccoons that like using my backyard as a toilet.  As if I need another bother?  So this becomes the start of a strange story line for me.

Yesterday, I had to get some more chicken feed from the Seattle Urban Farm Co-op (they are a excellent resource if you live near the city and garden or raise poultry).  As I was walking up to the office, the attendant was coming out and talking to a woman with her very young daughter, who happened to be carrying a box of chicks.  The guy was telling the woman about another co-op member who had a raccoon problem.  Apparently, the man with the raccoon issue had built his own trap and ended up capturing in excess of twenty.  I can’t remember if I heard how the guy disposed of them, but I was told I could find a YouTube video.  So off to the Internet I went this morning.

Sadly, I have not been able to find anything fruitful showing  “Seattle, raccoon, trapping, trap” in a video.  Instead, what I did find was what turned out to be a “way off-topic” discussion thread on a musicians’ gear forum–on finding and dealing with raccoons in the attic.  No, not “Toys in The Attic.”  Raccoons in The Attic.  The scene is rather “Heavy Metal,” but the thread itself has some hilarious moments in the back-and-forth surrounding the dude’s pellet gun assault on his “upstairs neighbors.”  I won’t go into detail describing the whole thread.  I’ll just provide the link here: I should also warn that the whole thing degenerates at about where the third page starts.  What would you expect from a bunch of Metal-heads?


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