Tuppence Becoming A Proper Rooster

It has been a while since the latest chicken post. It’s December, cold, and dark. Daylight seems to last for less than eight hours. And the girls aren’t laying as many eggs per day as they did before.

It’s hard to blame them, really. It is winter, after all. On top of that, Edie and Henny are in their fourth year and are acting more like nuns than hens. I guess I might be speaking for Boy Tuppence in this respect. Of course, he’s always going to be looking for “luv” where ever he can find it. But every now and then, I will hear a commotion and see one of the Ameraucanas angrily chasing Tuppence off. I suspect that it’s actually Edie putting her foot down when he is trying make a move on Henny, Edie, and maybe even Daisy.

You see, Edie and Henny never had a rooster around before, so I’m certain his “overtures” must strike them as absurd and ridiculous. Additionally, since Edie is at the top of the pecking order, things have to pass her judgement first. So there’s going to be a lot of, “WTF are you doing, boy?!”

Early on, when he was still developing into his rooster-hood, Edie and Henny would beat him up if he would eat with them. After a while it became clear that they were telling him that his job was to watch for predators. That’s a real concern, as we have eagles and Cooper’s hawks in the neighborhood, with the latter being a bird eater. By now, it seems Tuppence has finally figured it out. We now see him perched on available chair backs, surveying the sky and watching the fence perimeter. He even first does the “Dropped Wing” dance for a hen, if he’s feeling amorous. I actually suspect he only does that for Edie, Henny, and Golda, because they’re either higher up in the pecking order or play “hard to get” (meaning they will beat him up on occasion if he irritates them). I guess that’s all the same thing, hmm?

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Daisy and Aurora. These two somehow do not have the kind of piss and vinegar that the rest possess. Alas, it would seem that Tuppence doesn’t bother to grace them with the dropped wing dance. I wonder if those are the times when Edie gets angry and I see her squawking and chasing Tupps around the backyard. “Gads…” is all I have to say about that.



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