It Never Gets Any Easier…

Well, I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t seize upon the opportunity to write during the last weeks of November.  Why?  Because I started December with knee surgery to repair my right ACL and meniscus.  That was ten days ago, and I’m still on crutches and opiates.

My first night back was brutal.  The knee brace I left the hospital with managed to shift a little out of place during the day and during the night.  Either that or the person who put it on me did a lousy job.  Whatever the case, there was a point when I got up to use the bathroom, and, despite taking two percocets every four hours, my pain reached teeth-chattering levels.  Once I figured out it was my brace and adjusted the placement, everything got better.  Imagine the brace hinge being out of alignment from the knee’s pivot.  That much leverage in the wrong place makes me think of a medieval torture device.  Teeth-chattering pain is the result.

I can’t wait to be able to freely cook in the kitchen again.  Presently, it takes me two to four times as long as normal to do anything.  And I break a sweat in the process.  All not good.

Happy Holidays to you all!


About magdave

Two people passionate about the slow life of creating tasty food in our little kitchen, with the help of our greenhouse, the garden patches
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