The Trouble With Tuppence

What’s wrong with this picture?

In case you might have missed the obvious in previous picture, Tuppence is a rooster. And a fairly handsome one, at that. However, as it is with roosters, the one thing we dreaded has finally bore fruit: He has finally found his voice. Fortunately, his crowing hasn’t gone so far as to occupy the dawn hours of late summer, let alone all of the rest of the daylight hours. He actually seems to be a fairly modest vocalist, maybe offering up only one or two utterances over a whole day–if even that at all. We hold our breathes and cross our fingers that Tuppence not find a reason to increase the frequency of his broadcasts. Fortunately for everyone concerned, our local zoning does permit Tups. The only remaining issue is that of a neighbor’s complaint. And a dark day that will be if or when that might happen.


About magdave

Two people passionate about the slow life of creating tasty food in our little kitchen, with the help of our greenhouse, the garden patches
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