Status With The Girls


Here are the girls. This picture is actually two weeks old. They’ve grown quite a bit since the last post. The Buff Orpingtons, Daisy and Golda are huge! They’re almost as big as Edie and Henny. Aurora, the Plymouth Rock, is still as skittish as ever, having been first raised by birds and not by people. Tuppence, however, is another story.

When we first got her, we assumed she was a Rhode Island Red. Well, that’s what we were told. Anyway, now that she is fledging out, it would appear that she might actually be a New Hampshire Red. The feathers that are coming in are a darker red and with black/purplish hues around the quills of her neck feathers.

On top of that, Margaret and I are starting to wonder if she is a he! With all of the pecking order behavior going on between the girls, we’ve noticed that Tuppence will flare neck feathers when confronted. Uh huh. And the color of those feathers described above seem characteristic of New Hampshire roosters. Wikipedia anyone? Yikes!

Close-up pics of Tuppence will be forthcoming in the coming weeks. I’m home only for the day and have to return to my ship this evening–and it’s too dark already for iTouch photos. Until then…


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