The Thread is Cut

Well, the relapse became a swift departure for Phoebe. Once she turned, there was nothing anyone could do. I even tried force-feeding her a Pedialyte and antibiotic solution. In the end, it was a matter of a few hours by the time she expired.

Now the new problem is her sister, Tuppence. She’s now alone, and the Buff Orpington sisters, Golda and Daisy are far from allowing an odd and smaller bird in with them. I hope to find another Rhode Island Red of a similar age to pair with Tuppence. “Birds of a feather…” as they say.

Well, in a few days, I should have the coop expansion job finished. With that done, it will be time to introduce Golda and Daisy to Edie and Henny. That should be interesting. The Ameraucanas have been pretty mellow and gentle birds. It will be interesting to see how they set the pace for the new arrivals to their flock. The new, expanded coop will be four times the cubic space of the original. I hope that will mitigate the intensity of the establishment of the new pecking order.


About magdave

Two people passionate about the slow life of creating tasty food in our little kitchen, with the help of our greenhouse, the garden patches
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