Robert Rodriguez’s Puerco Pibil

After watching this video of director Robert Rodriguez’s Ten Minute Cooking School, I was truly inspired to make his version of Puerco Pibil.  In case you don’t know the movies of Robert Rodriguez, you might want to do an IMDB search.  In case you ain’t into that, consider:  El Mariachi, Desperado, Sin City, and Spy Kids for starts.  Given that he is a director of primarily action films, try imagining what his Puerco Pibil is going to taste like.  GANGBUSTERS!!!

Click the link, learn to make, make, and enjoy a dish that is easy to prepare but takes a long time to cook.  End result?  GANGBUSTERS!!!

BTW, yes, that is Rodriguez talking and cooking.  Muy macho hombre!  Oh, where to find banana leaves?  Try any latina grocery store.  I found mine at Plaza Latina, up in Shoreline, WA.


About magdave

Two people passionate about the slow life of creating tasty food in our little kitchen, with the help of our greenhouse, the garden patches
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