Originality: What’s the Point?

For starters, this is my second attempt after wasting a perfectly awesome frenzy of writing.  I downloaded the WordPress iTouch/iPhone app and gave it a trial run.  After vomiting some choice words, the app failed, and I had to delete and reload.  Yes, the choice words were lost.  Kind of reminds me of those times when some jerk says something crappy to you, and then you realize the perfect thing to say–well after the fact.  “Boy, I wish I had thought of that back then…”  Well, that was the tech-fail version of that. 

So, anyway:  What’s the point of being original?  Sounds like a ridiculous question to be caught up with.  You might as well take a micrometer to measure all the irrational numbers between two and three.  It’s like bread is basically:  Flour, yeast, salt, and water.  But there’s that domestic history of error and mistake all remembered and cherished.  It’s like a Jazz “oopsy” musically noted and timely repeated.  Add some heat and watch it go! 

So, as far is originality is concerned, I think dinking and playing is really the point.  And if breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner made for good sport, then all the better for all involved.


Next stop:  Carbonara Madness!


About magdave

Two people passionate about the slow life of creating tasty food in our little kitchen, with the help of our greenhouse, the garden patches
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